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Straightening rows in salat



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Welcome to Blackpool Mosque

"Rasul-ullah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) has said, "When a Person dies the rewards for his good deeds cease except for three things for which he continues to get the reward (even after his death) and they are Sadaqa Jariyah (Perpetual Charity), knowledge which benefits people and pious children who pray after his death."  (Sahih Muslim)


Basic understanding and principles applied when inside a mosque

Switch off all Mobile phones
No Smoking
Do not speak in loud voice
Do not waste unnecessary water Adopt the correct method when using your walking stick in the mosque
Pay special attention to tidiness

Weather in Blackpool

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Thought for Friday Shortening long hopes
The love of the world is a result of the familiarity and the acquaintance with its delights, pleasures and relationships. This slackens the desire to depart from the world and its pleasures. Man becomes fond and eager for the worldly things. He continues to think that he still controls his ego yet his dependency on the world grows and grows. As time passes, his need for wealth, children, home, livelihood, family and friends grows; the attachment to the world becomes ever stronger.

Now if anything appears as an obstacle between him and the world it is disliked. No wonder he dislikes death. If ever the thoughts of death comes to him, he postpones them and says to himself “You have a long time ahead of you before you get old, then you can repent”. When he grows old, he says “until I become very old”. And when he is very old he tells himself, “as soon as I finish this project” or “free myself of building this or that”, or “until I return from that journey” etc…

He continues to postpone and delay repentance and fails to do good deeds. Day by day more and more new doors open up, opportunities present themselves and his attachment deepens with the world. He truly becomes worldly. The root of his long hopes is this love of the world.
Ignorance about the reality

The second cause of long hopes is sheer ignorance. He counts on his youth, expecting it to last forever. Thinking it is far away from death, but he doesn’t realise that death can come to young as much as the old. He considers death to be far away. His youth and health dupe him to think of death as something quite remote. He doesn’t realise that death is not confined to old age or summer or winter

At The Mosque Five daily congregational Prayers are held on time every day. 

"O you who believe, remember Allah, remembering Him frequently and glorifying Him morning and evening. He it is Who sends His blessings on you, and so do His angels, that He may bring you forth out of utter darkness into the light and He is merciful to the believers (Prayer is better than sleep.)" (Holy Quran 33:41-43).The second pillar of Islam is the religious duty to perform five prescribed daily prayers or salat. All adult Muslims are supposed to perform five prayers, preceded by ritual cleansing or purification of the body at different intervals of the day. The Qur’anic references also mention the acts of standing, bowing, and prostrating during prayers and facing a set direction, known as qibla.

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