logoCharity No: 1170146

Friday/Jummah Prayer Time: 13:15 pm


The Lytham St. Annes Islamic Society (LSA) was established by a dedicated group of Muslims who recognized the importance of fostering a strong sense of community among its members, both in terms of religious and social aspects. The primary objective of LSA is to promote religious harmony and cultivate positive relationships between Muslims and non-Muslims, while facilitating the integration of Muslims residing on the Fylde Coast into the local society. A key goal is to unite Muslims on the Fylde Coast under a single organization and actively engage in fundraising for local charitable initiatives.

LSA stands out as an exceptional and dynamic organization that collaborates closely with local communities to provide essential services and support to our users and the broader community. We firmly believe that the future of our communities lies in the hands of our young generation, who require guidance and assistance to understand and shape the future effectively. LSA remains dedicated to working tirelessly towards peace and harmony within our communities.